Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

On the fence about hiring a planner? Here are my three top reasons: 

new orleans wedding planner.jpeg

1) So you, and your family, enjoy the wedding more.  No doubt about it, a wedder planner will help you, and your family members, enjoy the planning process and the wedding more.  Having a planner allows you to take part in the fun aspects of planning: choosing vendors, decor, details, and all the ways you personalize your wedding.  Planners are there to do the parts that you don't want to do. When you're the bride, even if you make it to the weekend of the wedding with no hired help, you don't have time to do what needs to be done. This means that someone is taking over for you, likely a mother, sister, or close friend. Someone has to set up the ceremony and reception sites while you are getting ready.  Someone has to make sure all your vendors arrive timely.  Someone has to make sure your programs and rings make it to ceremony. Someone has to gather your extended family for photos. Someone has to do the most hated job of all after you've exited with your new spouse--taking down and packing up all those decorations, flowers, gifts, cards, cake, etc.  A planner will save you and your family the stress and work, so everyone enjoys the whole weekend.

2) To save your budget. Wedding planners, unlike photographers, florists, etc., provide, for the most part, an intangible service. You are paying for the time they put into the event, the hours thinking and dreaming about how your details will come together, visualizing the end product, setting those details in motion, bringing together countless vendors, and seeing the plans through. If you are wondering if the cost of a planner is worth it, or if you can fit it into your budget, consider this--a good planner should help you save money elsewhere.  A planner will know the best vendors for your budget and style, and provide recommendations to you. They will often know up-and-coming vendors that aren't yet on popular advertising sites, offering great services at a lower cost.  They will know all the little hidden costs that you otherwise may not have allocated for in your budget.  They will have a plan for your décor helping you avoid the tendency to buy non-stop, for things you don't need.  They will know the décor rental market in your area, and can give you advice on when to rent versus when to buy.

3) To execute your ideas.  Planners spend everyday immersed in weddings. Whether on Instagram or Pinterest, designing their own photo shoots, or designing weddings, they are up to date on current trends, and more importantly, they know how to bring to life your inspiration photos in your particular venue and budget. That centerpiece you love may look great in the photo you see, but that may get lost in your venue. A good planner is an expert in color and scale, and will translate your ideas into something that will work for your specific venue. They will give you suggestions and recommendations on what will make the most impact--where to spend and where to save.  This will maximize your budget, to make sure your wedding looks the very best it can for what you have to spend. 

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