A little bit about me-- I'm obsessed with my dogs, a wine and music lover, Netflix enthusiast, and my family are the coolest people I know. Most importantly, I love being mama to my twins that we welcomed in 2017!    

I visited New Orleans when I was eight or nine and knew that I had to live here one day. This city has a life of its own, and it got me. The music, culture, and frequent trips to New Orleans inspired my paintings while studying studio art in college.

After college, I moved to New Orleans for law school, but soon realized practicing law didn't give me the opportunity to live and experience why I moved here in the first place. After four years as a litigation attorney, I took a leap and started this company. New Orleans’ weddings encompass everything I love about this city—music, beauty, culture, and a lot of joy. This place inspires my creativity, and I love sharing that with my clients.  

My clients have described me as a “calming presence” throughout the planning process and on the wedding day, even though sometimes i feel anything but! My number one priority is to make sure you and your guests have fun, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make things really pretty at the same time!


the Process

As your wedding planner, I’m always here to talk you through any issues, to help manage stress, and to make sure wedding planning stays fun. We do that by frequent communication, using the top vendors, and sharing ideas, while I take care of the details.  Over the years I’ve developed methods to simplify the planning process, which include concise checklists, planning agendas, and step-by-step wedding design. Wedding planning can and should be a fun experience, and our process helps you get the most out of it! By the time your wedding day gets here, I’m just as excited as any guest to hear you say “I do!”

Growing up, my mom and grandmother always had beautiful flowers in their gardens and fresh cut arrangements on the table, which helped develop my personal style. I’m a bit of a naturalist, minimalist, and believe there is beauty and elegance in simplicity.  I love using wedding design to enhance the inherent characteristics of a venue, and then bring in your style so that each wedding is unique.